Prayer against Internet Scams

Lord give me the strength to survive my financial burden. Last year I lost my life savings with my divorce from my unfaithful husband-plus inherited his additional debt due to the marital laws. Just as I started to financially rebuild everything and was being a good provider for my two children, I fear I recently fell victim to an Internet crime. This man currently has my life savings in his hands and I fear he took advantage of my desire to be loved. He knows just last year I lost everything and I am left alone in the world to provide for my children.

Can there really be such cruel people that can target such an easy victim? I fear I will lose faith in all humanity and never be able to trust anyone again if I lose my life savings again.

Please Lord-Im barely holding things together both emotionally and financially and need something positive to happen to give me strength. I’ve been saying a rosary morning and night for almost 60-days but fear my cries for help aren’t being heard.

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  1. Rosary

    My Dear Brothers and Sister in Christ. I am writing to you in regarding the rosary. You will not get answers saying the rosary. God gave us a prayer to model from and it is the Lord’s Prayer. read the psalms for every situation in your life. The rosary is a false teaching. read your bible and you will see what God says about prayer in Matthew 6 is the Lord’s prayer, and a teaching on repetitious prayers. God said in Hos 6 that my people perish for lack of knowledge of me. Turn to Jesus, not Mary. She is still in the Grave, She will rise at the last days, read the bible okay? God Bless You All.

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