Prayer against illness and bullying

oh god i beg you, please listen to my prayer.

wherever i go i have no friends, i have enemies everywhere, they all are against me and hate me so much. everyday i live in a stress like because they all hates me and bring their families to fight with me, am so scared everyday because i am not living security their parents are always against me and always waited for me in town to swore at me, and trying to slap me.

also i am not well most of the time, i always have a tummy ache, headache often , and sometimes pain everywhere.

please God help me to get all these diseases out of my body and my life.

and please help me to get a lot of friends and makes these enemies can’t say anything about me and stop those revenge that they have between me and my families.

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  1. dont give u but hang on the Lord is with you

    never give up and always remember the Lord has a wonderful blessing waiting just around the corner for you. It is better and more wonderful than anything you can even imagine. Stay strong in faith and never allow them to cause you to doubt the amazing power of the Lord. what seems hopeless will be snuffed out in a second by the Lord in his time. Draw close to the Lord, prayer and ask others for a hedge of thorns to surround you to keep your enemies and all evil from ever being able to harm you and then just believe. bless your heart and I will prayer for your hedge of protection.

  2. Bullying Prayer

    I’ll pray for you. Stay strong, many care for you & the ones that are bullying you are not worth the effort- forgive them their ignorance. Love yourself as the Lord loves you for who you are. Dear Lord, please help alleviate the pain & suffering from this person asking for your help against bullies. Help them see that they can help others that are going through the same bullying by talking about it & opening up to family & people in authority as well as to You Father.

  3. bulling

    Please pray for my daughter she been getting bullied in school.its gotten so bad that she tried to commit suacude.I’ve talked to the distrtict and they didn’t really help.we change her schools and its starting all over agen.I’ve pray every single day and cried to god but I honstly don’t feel his lising.this is why I’m trying to see if maby someone else prayers for her he would daughter only ten and had been threw so much as a mom it hurts me whrn my daughter ask me why dosent god love still bully md at school. Mu dsughtet name is victoria.god bless u and. I hope he hears me this time

  4. thank you Suzanne

    awww Suzanne thank you very for praying for me because i am having a difficult times right now but i will not fed up i will still pray for God too and i know even if it take time he will answer my prayer.

    please keep praying for me so my life can get better. thank you

  5. May God Bless you

    I pray for you right now and ask Jesus to please grant you strength right now. I ask Jesus to please allow everyone to stop bullying you and that you may enjoy peace and new friendships. I pray that you find healing with Jesus. Don’t ever give up it may seem like it takes a while but God will come through and help you. Please pray to St.Jude and ask him to help too. I too when I was younger was bullied and picked on by my praents but life gets better place trust in the Lord.May God bless you always

  6. I am a life Coach and I can help in the area of bullying for your child.

    I am a Life Goals Coach and I can help in the area of bullying for your child. I will have an open information seminar please send me word on your interest at marie at lifegoals dot coach. God bless you!!! PS. This has gotten way out of hand and we need to come together and keep our children safe.

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