Prayer against Housing and financial distress

by Cass (New York)

My husband and I are in need of your prayers. We have been living in a house for about 6 years and the owner is pulling the lease/land contract as we have been unable to refinance it ourselves. We have 2 children still at home 2 in college and 2 adult children who live else where, a house full of animals.

We have been unable to obtain a mortgage and haven’t found a suitable place we can afford which will allow our animals. We are both saved and attend church regularly and we are both walking out our salvation. God has blessed us so much we just need to solve this living situation/ financial mess we have gotton ourselves into so we can get back to focusing on our ministry work. We have faith God has a plan for us and that being homeless and poor is not the plan we just need Windows and doors to open fast as we only have about 60 days and moving in the winter or during Christmas won’t be easy.

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