Prayer against feeling lost confused and helpless

by Heather (Mississippi)

Dear Lord i need your help! Only you God know how much pain and heartache i went through the past yr especially. My 6yr relationship is failing and i desperately want things to b ok again. Please God i beg of you God please dont let it be his baby. You know my fears and my requests ddear Lord.

I beg you that he is not the father and this part of my life can be put behind me Lord. I feel so hopeless at times please give me hope and strength to move forward. Pleaae bless my relationship and bless my family this new yr God. I surrender to you God. I need you to take control and guide my life i cant do it without you.

And God please bless gary Lord. Lift him out of this darkness and show him the way. I love you and thank you for all my blessings God. Please Lord forgive me of my sinful selfish ways. Help me and my family God. We need it bad. Please let this pass please spare me and hear my cry for help. I want his infidelity and these girls to be done for good. Please help and answer my prayers. Youbare the One and Only Almighty God and with you anything is possible. Thank you for hearing me Lord and even though i dont deserve it please answer my prayer that its not his baby and tjings be ok again. Thanks and i love you.

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