Prayer Against Fear and Anger

by Katie B (Germany)

Please bless this soldier who has given unselfishly with honor and risked his life over and over for the greater good. Help him to let go of all anger, resentment, control, and fear. Comfort him when he is confused and frustrated. Bring peace to his core when he is out of control.

Protect him from self Criticism, self-destruction, and negative or dark thoughts and energy. Help him through this time with the terminal illness of his abusive father. Give him clarity and confidence with making decisions for his future career with or without the Army. Remove all blocks that prevent him from knowing and feeling love from you and others.

Father, Help him to know you and trust in you. Create a miracle in him so he may experience a deep inner-peace and cast out of his mind, heart, and soul all anger and fear. Help him to enjoy the freedom he has fought for. Bless his wife that she may stay calm and react with prayer, strength, peace, and love during these very intense and difficult times.

Renew and strengthen the love between the soldier and his wife so they may pass along your peace, love, and gentleness to the rest of the world. Help this soldier and his wife be the best version of themselves. Thank you gratefully for all the blessings you have given us. Amen.