Prayer against Eviction in three days facing homelessness

by Sue (East Orange Nj)

Dear Lord, I pray to you to show me what to do. Who to turn too, were shall I find compassion consulation and charity. I just received an eviction notice today. I have no money to pay my rent. I pray that in this time of need my family will step up and offer to help me pay this rent if they are able.

I pray that when i go to court tomorrow i will be granted a stay this meaning I will get more than 3 days before they lock me out. And in gaining that time I pray that I will use it wisely. I offer you my most abject prayers for financial help and charity help me out of this situation = help my poor animals find homes and not be forever in cages or worse.

I pray that I will be able to always be with my dog Tiny who has been with me for 13 years. I pray that dave and i will not be seperated because of this. we need to stick together. God bless my poor sick mom and all of my family. Send me an angel Lord, look over me always show me the way to who is able to help me. AMEN