prayer against doubts

by Elien (Merelbeke, Flanders, Belgium)

“Almighty God, I offer you this prayer, that I have said so many times before. Heavenly Father, you know what dark path I walk up, lost. You know above all that Ive sinned and did wrong. But I still hope for your help. I ask for Your guidance in love.

Dear God, like Your will is what becomes, You will know the best of All. You made man and woman, and you made Kevin and me. You know what happened like you see over all of us. I lost him and although I thought it was good to listen to others advice, now Im feeling so wrong and lost. The memories of him haunt me wherever I go and the doubts are so strong in my heart. My lord, what is it that you want for me? What is my destiny?
Father, grant me with an answer that light this burden. Pleaselisten to me, I need your Help. My heart says he is the One for me and that I need him still, but my Mind speaks against. You know the truth. So I beg you: If he needs to become mine again, and I need to become his again, help us. Touch his heart again and fill it with much love for me, let him find the courage to talk again and give me another chance. Let us cross paths again. Then Ill promise you that Ill love and cherish him till end of time.
But If you have something else in promise for me, I beg You, take away the memories which haunt me, take away the pain and bring me someone who can heal the wounds. Let the paths between us never cross again, because I can take no more. And he deserves then much better than me.
Please, my shepherd, I ask you to lead me away from the evil path I walk upon, and back to the good. Make the complicated become uncomplicated. I seek for your mercy and blessing for both of us. Lead us not into temptations. Guide us wherever too understanding. I praise the name of Jezus, your son, and I beg the Holy Virgin to love us again.

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