Prayer against curses

by Ksenia (FRANCE)

Heavenly Father, first, I submit to You. In Your authority, I bind the spirit of the enemy which seeks to manifest through witchcraft. Help us with my little baby, because my mother-in-low hates us! I know You said that those who bless us, You would bless, and those who curse us, You would curse. Yet , Father, these people are already under Your curse.

Therefore, I pray that You would pour out Your redemptive blessings – those very blessings which shatter darkness with light, overcome evil with good, and bring hope and life to the hopelessly dead. And I ask these things, Heavenly Father, that You might fulfill the redemptive purposes You revealed in Your Son , Jesus Christ.

Help us , Lord, to become a house of prayer for the church in this city. In Jesus name. Amen.

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  1. Feel like I am cursed

    Father God I am writing because I feel like that I have a curse on me. Lord I can’t pay my bill I don’t have a car. Jesus Christ If it is something you want me to achieve You will let me know I love my Father and my Saviour Jesus Christ. My husband and I are going through so many aches and pains .There are things that only you know please deliver us Father. I am so worried. I have no answers only question. Sometimes I feel like my hold work is coming apart. Father there is a curse I don’t want to hurt anyone send the voodoo,the devil and the curses in the hell hole with Satan. Thank you for listening to me I believe this a curse that goes back years please lord don’t let anything happen to my children Please father Amen

  2. Need supreme assistance

    Praying heavenly father for supreme guiadance help and protection from those that are against me and attacking us spiritually emotionally and physically!!!! I know God is aware of everything going on so i pray and ask for Christ to intercede and support us as we are underattck from satan so i am begging you Lord to please remove the darkness and negative effects that satan is trying to use to destroy us!!!! Please Lord i am getting desperate God knowing you are the only one being that can change these circumstances.i beg for Christs Blood to cover and protect everything that satan is trying to destroy.i beg all of this in Jesus name

  3. Need supreme assistance

    Praying heavenly father for supreme guiadance help and protection from those that are against me and attacking us spiritually emotionally and physically!!!! I know God is aware of everything going on so i pray and ask for Christ to intercede and support us as we are underattck from satan so i am begging you Lord to please remove the darkness and negative effects that satan is trying to use to destroy us!!!! Please Lord i am getting desperate God knowing you are the only one being that can change these circumstances.i beg for Christs Blood to cover and protect everything that satan is trying to destroy.i beg all of this in Jesus name


    i feel like i am bewitched or i have no lack,i perform very well at work but take wrong to be recognised ,i earn and get money but just passess in my hands ,i befriend powerful people but they dont help me ,they just use me .i really a serious prayers.i love God and i trust in him ,i think when am prayed for i believe i will get a change.thank u

  5. Please Pray for my protection

    I allowed someone in my life that practices witchcraft. She is attempting to send me curses of evil spirits to haunt me. I choose God and always have, but have been chased by the devil since I was a child. Please pray for Saint Michael and all archangel’s. To keep evil away from my soul. I thank you for all you do.

  6. was told can pray a curse on one and this does not line up to Gods word

    wanted to check, but I was told that one can pray for curses tobefall another. This does not seem right, I know our Father said to Abraham, those who bless you will be blessed and those who curse you will be cursed. With Jesus and what He did for us on the cross, we are to pray for ones right not against. This was coming from one who should know better.I want all to know Jesus and to wish harm (curse)upon them for treating you or a loved one badly is not from God. I am told though there is a passage in the Bible that says it is okay???? can one correct me if I am wrong. God bless and thank you

  7. We need u NOW Lord to make rite choices w/ur blessings Now Pls!

    Lower all these property prices. tax, sp rent. insurance, all fees, Hoas. Cant stay here anylonger bind this stagnant life here Lord need to move & buy better home NOW bind every curse & attack on us & property by Ur Blood every Evil thing sent send it back to Sender Sevenfold. Help me Us to do Ur will pappa Soon pls for my family sake. Love u Lord do ur best for us Lord that Ur daughter be cooperative w/this purchase talk to Ur daughter Now Lord & Heal & deliver us totally from ur advesaries that he Not trak us or get into my bus. anymore cant make that Move w/o U No weapon form vs us will prosper thank u Protect us amen Is.54v17


    this is a powerful tool for Anyone to use against the devils attacks


    I am in need of serious prayers to break loose curses upon my life.So that my life can move on normally.Thanks in advance for praying for me.

  10. thank U for this powweful Prayer! sure need it...

    for grandchild in day care Please Pray that his day go by Quickly or they pick him up early & Im HEALED & able to drive all the way out there & pick him up from school & OR HIS DAD

    & be well enof to work also with Hi Paying Job. Lord pls FIX everything the HOME that I want to Buy & make it Rite the CAR, Glasses all that I ask of You & St Jude SOON Help[ me to eat RITE~ that daughter & husb cont. to go to church & spend holidays with us GOD KEEP US SAFE & OUT OF DANGER BY YOUR MIRACLE BLOOD! Heal dad Soon that i be able to see him for the Holidays hes Not going to be here much longer Draw us all closer to U & to eachother my daughter sis & bro. also Amen! thank you so much! IS. 54v17, Eph. 6

  11. Thank you so much for that great prayer we really needed that as you can see below Please keep us in prayer Saints! God Bless

    Is.54v17 PRAISE U LORD! Thanks Lord they did a good job here but enough Please no more Attacks Lord! Pray all that needs to be fixed will be fixed well Now! my Home,future,daughter Marriage, Home,car,shed Devil thought he had me but You Rebuked him front of everyone Ha!

    SAVE G Marriage for kid sake! Also Please MAKE GLASSES RITE that they fix them so Ill be able to see rite & be safe Soon. also Please FIX CAR PUMP Soon cheap & for good that I wont feel commited to this person, men that there motives are PURE!

    � Healing of my stomach also that I lose more wt.& dryness on my head, lips & correct mouth droop, that hair not fall out & be thick & stay intacked to the roots & Restore my whole body our youth & fam. marriage Lord!

    that You pik out the RITE HOUSE LOCATION FOR ME LORD be by my side at auction You tell me what to do w/everything that i sell mine at same time, RITE price, timing & for hi paying job for us with godly workers, mng. Soon x Blood of Jesus, PROTECT us~Grandson LOVE U LORD & that i never be alone Also Amen! Praise the Lord! Thank you God Bless Lord meet all your needs Soon! Eph 6, Is.54v17

  12. May you and your family be Protected

    Dear Heavenly Father,

    I pray this prayer in the power of the Holy Spirit. In the name of Jesus Christ Your one and only Son who died and rose again for remission of sin, I bind, rebuke and render powerless: all division, discord, disunity, strife, wrath, murder, criticism, condemnation, pride, envy, jealously, gossip, slander, evil speaking, complaining, lying, false teaching, false gifts, false manifestations, lying signs and wonders, poverty, fear of lack, fear of spirits, deceiving spirits, religious spirits, hindering spirits, retaliatory spirits, occult spirits, witchcraft spirits, spirits of antichrist and all familiar and territorial spirits.

    I bind all curses that have been spoken against me. I bless those who curse me, and pray blessings on those who despitefully use me. I bind all spoken judgments made against me, and judgments I have made against others. I bind the power of negative words from others, and I bind and render useless all prayers not inspired by the Holy Spirit; whether psychic, soul force, witchcraft, or counterfeit tongues that have been prayed against me.

    The Holy Spirit leads and guides me today and fills me with all needed gifting and graces. I discern between the righteous and the wicked and I take authority over Satan and all his demons and those people who are influenced by them. I declare Satan is under my feet and shall remain there all day.

    I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. I am God’s property. Satan, you are bound from my family, my mind, my body, my home, and my finances. I confess that I am healed and whole. I flourish, am long lived, stable, durable, incorruptible, fruitful, virtuous, full of peace, patience and love. Whatsoever I set my hands to do shall prosper for God supplies all my needs.

    God, I pray for the ministry You have for me. Anoint me God for all you have called me to do for You. I call forth divine appointments, open doors of opportunity, God ordained encounters and ministry positions.

    I claim a hedge of protection, by the Precious Blood of Jesus, around myself and my loved ones throughout this day and night. I ask You God, in the name of Jesus, to send angels to surround us today and everyday, and to put them throughout my house and around our cars, souls, bodies, wills and emotions. I call on Your holy angels to protect my house from any intrusion and to protect me and my family and those I’ve named from any harmful demonic or other physical or mental attacks. I ask all of this in the name of Jesus. Amen.

    This is a prayer i found. I know God will protect you and your whole family. May you be blessed!

    God is ALMIGHTY!

  13. Might be Christ

    There is a wholley scripture that states you take care of your own household but neglect the household of the Lord… therefore, leave your house behind and get some wood and take care of Christ’s House. This would be the reason I cannot so much as do the dishes clean the bathroom, nor pickup around the house nor find valid work for valid compensation. I have to get some spiritual wood and take care of the house of Almighty Christ… You all would be surprised at what God can do traversing a city reaching people with the message of truth and reconciliation. I’m running on my last leg, and my capacities are seemingly not working right, but if men accurate at Scriptures would just traverse their own neighborhoods and ask people if they go to church, a whole new aspect to life would open up. You would be surprised at how many people are actually open to scripture and Christ, and His Heavenly Father, if you would just believe they would be open and responsive in Christ…

  14. The Steadfast Fruits of The An Wholley Spirit

    People keep asking for the bills to be paid and much else, for healing…
    I would suggest you start asking for the fruits of the wholley spirit. For these drive out the things of the enemy. The just shall live by faith, and faith is one of the fruits of the wholley spirit. Therefore if justified by faith, we should be asking for The Virtuousness of Christ far more often than material things. Yes, material things like clothes are important, but no one hardly walks anymore. They sit and deteriorate at home instead of going for a daily walk with The An Wholley Lord daily. I would suggest this above many things, in order for you to be well. For, there is a grave sickness of atrophy and sloth that infects those that sit around all day and do not traverse as Christ traversed, against those that sit and watch television all day and all night long. I would suggest throwing away your television and reading a book on Christ or His Dictionary, something actually simple and actually well with a person’s soul. You want your bills paid, and I am the same about this for finding valid work for valid compensation, therefore go work for Christ. Ask Him everyday, “Do you have any work today Almighty Christ?” Also, when you do not know what to do, whisper His Name. Not repeatedly as a vain mantra spell, but a simple whisper and not vain repetitions as the heathen witches use. Do not neglect God’s House, and your house will not be neglected. Therefore, the an wholley bible states to be outside more often than a person is inside, and this many people transgress. Therefore I would suggest getting outside far more often than inside. A good idea would be to weather for the elements, because people do die very often through weathering, but to each day try to stay away from being in your house. For, this is a trick of the enemy to keep a person within their own house, mindlessly vegetated to a television computer, etcetra, when there is no real intellectual spiritual or physical growth. There is no growth to a person’s life when they are a homebody, but when person is outside more often than inside. Try to stay away from the inside of your house as much as you can and just walk daily with Almighty Kristos Kristos Kristos… Do not forget to ask for His Virtuousnesses. For these keep a person straight and narrow and meek and mild. The virtues are not of craziness but of sanity…

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