Prayer against bad luck

by Jo (England)

Please pray for me and my family, we have been a close happy family for many years but these days financial problems and bad luck have dogged us all. This means that we are all struggling but cant help each other.

I used to believe that God would look after me, I was always confident that “something would turn up” and it always did. Now I feel abandoned and alone and struggling with debt and other problems with no one to turn to. My family need my help but I am unable to give them anything other than love.

I would love to help them to get good jobs and to pay off their debts but I have had such a bad 2010 that I am unable to help them at all. I have no family I can turn to and the banks are not interested.

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  1. Jesus please help

    I have suffered so much bad luck and heartache over the past 18 months that I just want to be happy, financially settled and not feel as though people are always trying to hurt me or take advantage of me.

    My goal is to move house, sort out finances and stop being harassed by police because of my ex-partner.

    I need Jesus’ guidance to help me move forward and begin a new life that I feel I need and deserve.

    Please Jesus Inask for your help


  2. prayer to remove debt

    Jesus you save all of us in one or another manner. I am thankful for that. Jesus i want immediate cash help. I have debt who are chargong 18% Per year. I have other debts like gold loan. I am not able to pay this much intrest. Please help me because i am ur son. I know you will help us in some way. I would like to thank u for ur mercy. I just want 1 Loan with low intrest my god, so that i can easily pay back money.

  3. A prayer for help

    Please can you pray for me as at the moment my life is turmoil and am in a place which is not healthy. I have toxic people around me and negative situations that I cannot handle. I wish for a solution and guidance and I want to turn a different corner in life. Please I pray that my family will always be protected for harms way and the devil’s plan to destroy them will not succeed. I wish move on in life and leave behind all the me bad memories from the past.

    thank you

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