Prayer against attackers

by UCL (CAI)

St Jude,

Please help me through this difficult time and please help ensure that all my attackers and enemies will never ever find any evidence that can bring me down.

The truth is the truth and those comments tell the truth. The comments are not lies to defame them. At the end of the day, they know that they have not delivered what they promised and they should suffer the consequences of the truth.

Please help ensure that my attackers and enemies will also not cause me financial loss and bodily harm and this includes my family as well. Please also help my enemies by softening their hearts and also develop a conscience that they have done many bad things and that they should start doing good things.

Where necessary, please help punish them instead for all the harm, distress and frustration that they have caused all of us.

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  1. 3 evil witches

    I need prayer because of an unfriendly Mexican girl I encountered at Subway who happens to work there.I complained to the manager and instead of solving the problem this girl got so vicious that she got other female employees against me.I could just go to another subway but that’s not the point here.I perceive that she has been setting me up and I need this to be diffused through supernatural means and that this girl and her co-conspirators never have the chance to inflict harm nor damage to me nor my family.

  2. Protection and Financial Prosperity

    Hi, I have prayed for God to protect you againts them and to grant you a miracle where you will be free from all this evil. God will also bless you financially, please keep on praying as well. I know it is difficult but you need to forgive them and leave everything in God’s hands and you’ll be amazed of how he will answer your prayer.

  3. Prayer against attackers

    I am struggling with a whole family of attackers 3 sisters and a mother(whose health is failing) yet she still goes around attacking people!They have gone so far and let my family members hate me!Trough lies and im tired of living in fear!! one of those families member just got out of jail cause she burned down a building and left 8 families homeless and 3 million in damages she just got out of jail and has continued to harrass bully and attack people im tired of living in fear as this is a small town!Im at home where i feel safest to avoid any of these family members!Its soo stressfull i have lost weight and not to mention im a single mother of 2 we are living in poverty cause im too scared to go out and search for a job!!!These people are all about cursing others that they are jealous of they lie to make others hate the ones they hate my own brother and sister and tons of cousins do not like me and they are proud of that!!!Please pray for me!!

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