Prayer against a Broken Road

by Cynthia (Texas)

Hello brothers and sisters,

My heart is full of agony and pain right now, countless days I’ve prayed and countless nights I’ve cried. Last year, I lost my mom, my exboyfriend left me and I tore my acl. Losing my mom took a toll on my heart, she was my friend and role model. Losing my boyfriend created a ripple effect of negative things in my life. Tearing my acl kept me from doing what I loved most, dancing. But it took loosing all these things type me to find Jesus.

It took getting stripped away from everything I loved to accept Christ into my life because I was broken without him. Would you pray that god gives me strength to be a motherly figure to my brothers, rekindle my lost love and heal me from the physical pain I’ve been though. Also, to choose joy, patience and understanding for my walk with Christ and the things that he has planned in my life.