Prayer after making credit card mistakes

(Detroit, Michigan)

Dear Heavenly Father,

I have made serious misstakes with my credit cards, until I am now over my head in debt. I have made the same choices over and over again. I ask for your forgiveness, your guidance, mercy, grace and favor. I ask for your help in this mess I have made.

I made choices to my own destruction and deceptions. However, I have hope in your Word that will deliver me from my own destruction. I have hope you will restore to me all that I have lost. I know it is only by the blood of Jesus and your mercy that you will grant me release and healing from this debt.

I thank you Heavenly Father for your mercy and loving kindness towards your people in destress, who truly just messed-up!!! I need you to rescue me from this debt. I also pray for those who I don’t know who are in the same situation and who are waiting for you to rescue them. I thank you In Jesus Name.

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