Prayer after a troubled childhood

by Alex (Mass)

Ive gone thru alot in My Life. Grew up in foster homes and being tossed around. Im 20 years old alone and hurt all My life people have come. and gone. my Moms not mentally stable to Be my moms after her mental break down shortly before giving me away nthe drugs she did shes never been the same. Sometimes i wish i had my family my dads living his own life hes never been there for me and my family is involved in themself . I dont drink.smoke or party i go to beauty school & waiting for this call Back for this Job. Hopefully i get it.

Ive stayed strong for a very long time sometimes i feel so sad i feel hopeless but i never give up i know god puts things in our way to.mold us just got out of a bad relationship VERY bad. I just need inner healing & some god things in My life please help me get this Job & find the person who will Love me without abusing me… :/ amen.

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  1. Keep searching

    Remember God may not want that job for you. I’ll be praying for you, but keep your eyes open. He is there and sees all today and tomorrow. Keep your head high and your spirit higher! Having read this I’m going to bed tonite knowing there’s a great girl out there that shares the same values and beliefs I do! So thanks you made me feel better about tomorrow. I Hope I do the same for you. Trust your heart, your instincts are the right choice to follow. The hardest lesson for me to learn was to act on what I felt.If you believe someone or something is no good like I’m sure you saw in your past quickly get it or them behind you. I understand wanting to help or save others but you have to be in the right place and time for it. And they have to want it too! Too many factors to go wrong if yer not sure there all correctly alligned to gamble your precious heart with. Write your feelings About your dad down in text and save or on paper. Read them, revise them then one day just Send them and wait. I’ll bet you’ll be surprised with the outcome but regaurdless of it you’ll know where you stand and have inventory of what’s what in your life bringing balance that much closer.

  2. A prayer for Alex

    Alex, I am praying for you. You have been tested more than most adults when you were just a child. I’m happy to hear that you have stayed strong and with God during all of what you have gone through. I pray that you get the job & I pray that you can find the right person to love you and will treat you the way you deserve. You might have to wait to find that love which I’m sure is harder for you because you have so much love to give and you need so much love that you haven’t had all through your life. Remember that God does love you & there are lots of people that love you from His family. I pray that one day when you get everything you have been waiting and praying for. When you are older and your life is going strong maybe you can be a foster parent yourself and love and respect the children God puts in your hands and you can give them a better life than you had. Stay strong and remember you are loved!

  3. you are not alone

    I have walked a similar path, and always since a little girl , I had a thought. “one day”, first it was to stop the abuse, then it was my difficult teenage years, then it was my abusive marriage. My one day is here, my new husband. God did carry me when I felt so alone, and lonely.
    don’t stop believing, you are never truly alone.
    I am a foster carer, and will give all that I never received, so my children will know what is it like to be loved and valued.
    The greatest gift is love. You will find a place in your heart that tells you , you are not alone.
    God is walking with you.

  4. hang in

    I pray thst you stay strong as you continue your journey on being the wonderful person you are. May your faith and hope be an inspiration for others to continue to do good, no matter what difficulities they face. May peace and joy akway fill your days. May yor dsys be filled with as much love as you give to others, now and always. Hang in!

  5. God Love You

    Dear Precious Child of God, I pray your Heavenly Father would wrap His loving arms around you. Provide you with security, love and people to support you. Jesus are alone are the only person who will never leave us nor forsake us. Hebrews 13:5

    The LORD your God in your midst, The Mighty One, will save; He will rejoice over you with gladness, He will quiet you with His love, He will rejoice over you with singing.” Zephaniah 3:17

    You are loved more than you will know. When people let you down as they always will, keep your focus on Jesus!

  6. You are loved

    I’m proud of you and love you as a child of God. Remember when you feel all alone that God is with you. Go to a quiet place & pray & feel God’s presence. Don’t give up, if you are positive & turn your troubles to the Lord all will work out for you! You are special, and you are loved! <3

  7. You are loved

    I’m proud of you and love you as a child of God. Remember when you feel all alone that God is with you. Go to a quiet place & pray & feel God’s presence. Don’t give up, if you are positive & turn your troubles to the Lord all will work out for you! You are special, and you are loved! <3

  8. You Sound Strong

    For some reason we can not control the will of others. You sound very strong for making it through what you should not have had to endure. I’m glad you have faith. Your story sounds encouraging.

  9. I know how you feel

    Your story caught my eye because ,well for 1 you sound like a very sweet person and 2 i have had the same kind of life .
    I want you to know GOD is going to answer your prayers I just can’t say when .
    I dont know how long ago your story was written but I hope you get or got the job and I too have my lic for hair styling .
    You are very sweet and are worth more than you truly know . the lord is working with you even while you wrote your story seeking out faith and answers from GOD tells me the Grace of GOD is and will be with you because you try and find answers through our father above ..
    Your all that holds you back if you love your self like GOD loves you then you know God would be happy cause our bodies are as the temple of God .. Your growing up right even though you have had no human help God has and will contimue to direct your future .. Keep the faith and listen to your heart take your time when finding someone to love you God will bring the right one for you when the time is right ,.. I pray for your life to continue to be blessed by our heavenly father and may you smile and enjoy knowing christ enjoy your life with the lord even when your alone.
    I am 50yrs old and dont feel like it but i Still need the lords direction in my life and always will .. Gos Bless you always and take care of your number 1 relationship (you and the lord) cause thats all we need to have peace I too would like someone to love me there is a song by Reba Chelsy or somebodies Chelsy anyways try and find it its true we all wthat and Im acturally going through a divorce after 25yrs and its hard but God is getting me through it everyday he left me for many many others he just tarted running around and its a shock he even goes to church WOW he has sole ties with something evil right now and I hope he gets it together so he wont burn in hell cause I do love him even if he doesnt be married to me I hope he can be true to himself or someone else cause hurting others is just Plain “WRONG and I will have something better instore for my with GODS will,…
    Gos Bless

  10. Praying for you Alex

    Dear Alex,

    I am so sorry that you had a terrible childhood.
    Mine wasn’t good, however I am much older
    than you and I have had the benefit of years of
    the Good Lord in my life, of people praying for
    me as well as many years of good therapy.
    Alex, I am so glad that you came to this site.
    I don’t know which day you came, but I do know
    that from this day forward I will pray for you.
    When you keep Jesus as the focus of your life,
    you can never go wrong.
    Alex, I ask Jesus and St Jude from this day
    forward that you be blessed in all areas of your
    life, especially in your physical & mental health,
    in your finances and in your friendships and in
    spiritual life and in all that your heart desires. I
    pray that you be given wisdom as well as the
    peace that passes all understanding. I pray also
    that you love yourself.
    God Bless You!

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