Prayer 4 the Sandlin Family

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I need prayers for my family we just lost my father n law frank sandlin and it was my oldest sons best friend and my son Dylan is taking really bad he’s having anxiety attacks where he can’t breathe and believe he’s dying. He’s scared to close his eyes afraid he’s not gonna wake up. He knows Jesus but he hasn’t been baptized yet and I’m trying to show him how great Jesus is. He’s bout to be 21 yrs old and he has issues. Him and his 3 other sisters and brother was taken from me at a young age over me and their father with our addiction and they got adopted by a family that took all 3 of my kids and was abused and didn’t get shown love like they were used too. Then while they were n foster care their dad passes away in 2019 and he’s been thru a lot and no matter what I do or say or try to get him to talk to me or shower him with so much love I can’t reach him no matter what I do. He’s been thru so much but he needs Jesus I just need Jesus to take over and show Dylan what a great Father He is and how much Dylan is loved by Him cuz at this point I’m lost and idk what to do for him Dylan….he’s shut down where no one can get close and I know he’s hurting cuz he comes bk home and he lost his dad before he turned 18 yrs old and he was close to his dad. Please pray for Dylan I need as many prayers for him as many as I can get please and thank u so much

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