by Lovina ()

Heavenly father today with a lot of grief in my heart I am writing this to you. I Know Lord you know everything before I bring it to you in prayers. Lord you are my healer, protector and savior. Lord the current situation I am facing is becoming so unbearable. I cannot take this pain anymore. Lord heal my heart and help me to face this situation because I am tired of facing this alone. You are my father and you cannot leave your daughter. Lord I am heavy hearted heal my heart and take away all his memories. I don’t know what’s the planned you have behind this. If he is not the soul mate you have made for me then take him away from my life and if he is the one then please Jesus let him realize and come back. Lord I cannot forgot those memories of our relationships. It is haunting me day and night. I didn’t even imagined that a day like this will come but I know you are beside me. I am leaving everything in your hand. Lord take care of him no matter he is with me or not I always prayer to you to protect him and fulfill all his dreams. Lord I know it will be difficult for me to forget him and move on but if this is your plan then I know you will help me through this difficult situation. I am mentally depressed. I am in pain. The person who couldn’t live without me a single day today it has been 15 days we are separated and I know he wont return back. Lord I cry unto you help me father. Day by day my pain is becoming worse words aren’t enough to show what I am feeling. Please help me lord do something. I cannot face this situation. I don’t know what happened to our relationship all of a sudden. Lord if he is not the one who you have made for me then why did you send him in my life. I have loved him so much that I cannot replace him neither forget him. Lord I know you love me and in this life of mine you have always been beside me. The world can forget me and leave me but you have always hold my hand so strong that even if I leave you but you will never leave me. Lord I don’t want anything harm happens to him I just want may he realize my love because I have loved him so much that he was the only one whom I gave all my priority. Lord I pray to you to cover all my family, friends, neighbors’, colleagues, enemies, and last but not the least my Love with your precious and holy blood. Cover them under your wings. Protect them and send your angel to guide them through all the difficult and happy situation. Lord if it is your will bring him back to me and if it is not then help me to forget him. Do something. I am leaving every single decision of my life in your hand. Because no one is there such wonderful, great, mighty, loving, faithful, protective, excellent Daddy like you. Forgive me if any point of my life I have sinned against you and hurt you. I didn’t mean to hurt you Lord. You will always and forever be the most important and first and favourite person in my life. Refresh my mind and be with me because your daughter is alone, depressed, sad, weary, and heavy hearted and broken. I bring all this in prays in Jesus name Amen.

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