pray you heal my family me my 6 kids husband

by Lasonya ()

God father I pray you heal my family me my 6 kids husband I pray you heal my family especially my son he doesnt want do right in school his behavior is getting out of control were he effecting the family he lies steal disrespectful to adults he very difficult at time where it out of control he’s 12 he don’t act his age one point he try to be adult other points he don’t want take care his hygiene like he suppose to he want get told all the time to comb his hair I pray it get better all together just want him to do better as a child it hurts as his mother to go down this road the disrespect at time you think he doing better no he get worse pray he heal from whatever effecting him pray for my financial situation at time he feels like I really have money to take care of our needs and maybe want pray find work from home job it’ always becomes difficult to try work period I pray for better health stuff going on be heal pray for husband pray god continuing to support him do better for me and six kids amen pray for his financial situation get better and he do good pray things get better as a family amen

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