Pray with me

by Ann ()

Yahweh, CHRIST JESUS, through the HOLY GHOST, is my Shepard, my Substainer, my hiding place. GOD HIS FATHER’S MERCY is my only HOPE. I was totally unclean and undone, HIS BLOOD CLEANSES ME! EVEN me, HOLY GHOST let me not take that LOVE forgranted and let not my vain imagination darken my understanding I desire to fully honor my KING. LORD please please forgive me when I let self continue to get in YOUR way! Please take not YOUR HOLY SPIRIT FROM me, I am nothing, nor do I desire to be without YOU. I am totally amazed by YOUR handi work everyday. I even PRAISE YOU for the throns I still have that YOU ARE WORKING OUT OF me. I PRAISE YOU for YOUR HANDI WORK NEVER EVER let me try to take YOUR GLORY, never let me say, HOLY GHOST PROMISED ONE IN JESUS NAME I AM desperately praying YOU GUARD MY MOUTH, cleanse my mind, remove all traces of lying spirits, false assumptions and rationalization from me….NEVER AGAIN LET ME ASSUME because all of this is so so much bigger than I, but nothing is bigger than HIM BECAUSE HE WALKED exactly like my hearts longs to walk in complete OBEDIENCE in total HARMONY with HIS FATHER, our FATHER and that is my true hearts desire. I BELEIVE, I KNOW HE IS REAL. I surrender and beg for forgiveness of all mine and my families misunderstandings, physical and Spiritual Family LORD. The rest the world supposed to act that way. YOU know me I be praying for them too, and if I ain’t real careful imitating the wrong people just like the child I am. FATHER PLEASE HAVE MERCY ON OUR NATION. PLEASE OPEN OUR EYES BEFORE it is too late. For I also BELEIVE there is coming a time when things are going to become a whole lot more serious because of the deception and agreements we have chosen to BELEIVE and ignorently enter into. FATHER GOD, GOD OF ALL MERCY….GOD OF GREAT GRACE let true fire breathed revival begin in me. LORD please. I DESIRE YOU and YOU ALONE to be the GOD of my days and nights. I desire to heed ALL YOUR WARNINGS. I desire to respect YOU MORE INTAMITLY. I HONOR YOU in all I do. I am praying for true Surrender, I DO NOT WISH TO REBEL ABOUT ANYTHING FATHER. I know from where YOU ARE CALLING ME FROM, I am just asking for more MERCY, help me LORD PLEASE HELP ME be cut loose from the things that so easily beset me, my only other hearts desire than pleasing YOU is to trully wear white one day….FATHER GOD PLEASE, BREATH DEEPER IN ME, in CHRIST JESUS NAME I PRAY PRAISE YOU NOW FOR THE MEDOWS WE SHALL visit and the still water where we shall rest because I do BELEIVE YOUR WORD IS TRUE! EVEN ON THE FROUNT LINE MY GOD IS ALWAYS ON TIME, GLORY HALILUGHA…..GREAT IS HIS FAITHFULNESS, My only HOPE IS CHRIST JESUS FINISHES EVERYTHING HE BEGINS

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