Pray what need be.

by Gabby C. ()

Pray in TOUNGES since it supposedly works faster, I Gabby never prayed in tounges nor did I want to, for tounges in my church was taught to be from SATAN. I still kind of believe it since it was burnt into my mind since childhood, but what can you do, its to late for I Gabby.

In Jesus Name that I Gabby die RIGHT NOW IMMEDIATELY. No messing around. I Gabby dont play games! I dont like hearing voices in my head especially when they tell me to PRAY. What for? After 22 years of praying I have lost the best 20 years of my life and am still not healed of this mental illness. So death is preferable. Now I Gabby dont want to be cured! What for now, I am to old to do anything. TRUTH IS TRUTH. DEATH instantly is preferable. All I can ask is that for those that have NOT given up and are still asking for help or not that need it to be set free, and permanently cured of mental illness be it schitzophrenia/bipolar disorder or what ever mental illness it is that you all pray for them. I want no other prayer than to be put down like a mad cow with mad cow disease, instant death, and to be creamated and flushed down the toilet like my life was after I Gabby began hearing these voices in my head.

Pray for All those that suffer from mental illnesses to be cured especially when someone or something else causes it or puts a mental illness upon us for an unknown reason. Many that I have seen with mental illness have committed suicide, like the singer the HUNTRESS from her schitzo-bipolar. She put a gun to her head and blew her brains out. To many deaths at the hands of whatever or whoever causes this terrible illness.

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