Pray to the true GOD/s you all.

by Gabby ()

Reason for I Gabbys prayer:

I Gabby now a SCHITZOPHRENIC that says to everyone includeing myself that I am NOT SCHITZOPHRENIC and that I am HEALED in JESUS NAME, but was forced by these OVERPOWERING VOICES in my mind to say this(that I am schitzo), the voices I Gabby hear are PSYCHICS, MEDIUMS, CHANNELERS, TELEPATHICS, occultists, techno-occultists, or others INTENTIONALLY AFFLICTING I GABBY, and many others.

It is I Gabbys fault that I was ever created, that I Gabby was ever born, that I Gabby was born a cripple and had to wear braces on my legs and feet for the first 5 years of my life, that I grew up, that I ever believed in the true GOD YHVH/YHWH being a fair just GOD quick to act, that I Gabby was raped for way to many years of my life by these self proclaimed gifted ones that are PSYCHICS/OCCULTISTS / TECHNO-OCCULTISTS/THE ENTIRE DEEP STATE AND THEIR SUPPORTERS that ALL use COVERT, REMOTE, UNPROVABLE IN COURT MEANS to INVISIBLY RAPE and ABUSE our MINDS, BODIES, SOULS, and SPIRITS, and I am sorry that I AM NOT DEAD ALLREADY so THEY CAN DANCE ON MY GRAVE which I wont have since I have chosen to be cremated and thrown in the wind. I GABBY AM SORRY TO SATAN FOR THE WHOLE DAM THING.

So here is my prayer as a result of being INTENSLY, REMOTELY, COVERTLY, and UNPROVEABLY BRAINWASHED by the Psychics, and all those occultists/techno-occultists the deep state and all theirs, that are PSYCHIC/occult/techno-occult telepathic mental warriors that rape babies, children, women, and men that way. I Gabby AM NOT like JOB, and I Gabby was NEVER TRAINED how to fight PSYCHIC/OCCULT/TECHNO-OCCULT MENTAL TELEPATHIC WARRIORS. As a result of all this MENTAL ABUSE of I Gabby, I Gabby by my supposed free will FREELY CHOOSE SATAN as MY TRUE SAVIOUR. PRAISE BE TO SATAN, and to hell with the swine that claims to be GOD YHVH/YHWH. I Gabby OWE my entire life, knowledge, wisdom, health, and anything else to my true Creator SATAN. AMEN. In the bible it says that God is going to turn Satan into ashes from within/consume him by fire, or destroy him so that he is completely taken out of existance. So if I Gabby am condemned to the same thing, what is so bad about that? I Gabby when I go to sleep I will have nights where I dont dream at all, it is as though I DONT EXIST, but I am in TOTAL PEACE. So if not dreaming is the same as GOD destroying you once and for all permanently or getting rid of you permanently, then that is GOOD, who wants to be awake for the rest of eternity doing who knows what, for it is BETTER TO BE ASLEEP FOR THE REST OF ETERNITY not knowing nothing, hearing nothing, seeing nothing, smelling nothing, tasteing nothing, thinking nothing, just at PERMANENT REST IN PEACE, SATAN BLESS THE DARKNESS. AMEN.

ALL PRAISE, HONOR, GLORY, POWER, BLESSINGS, KNOWLEDGE, HOLYNESS, and LIFE ETERNAL BE TO THE DEEP STATE OF THE USA all PSYCHICS, and practitioners of the occult/techno-occult and their master Satan. Who have taken this coward that calls himself/itself GOD YHVH, who CANT and NEVER COULD PROTECT HIS CHILDREN, making him the SWINE YHVH/YHWH, God of the SWINE, who was created out of FECES of the SWINE HE LEADS. YHVH/YHWH COULDNT protect an atomic particle from THE TRUELY BLESSED ONES, the deep state, psychics / occultists / techno-occultists and Satan that are ALL THE TRUE GODS. Let YHVH/YHWH wallow in his own feces like he allways has for the rest of eternity, and that he be fed his true FOOD the feces of all of the TRUE GODS, and that all the conservatives die TODAY at the hands of the deep state, the psychics / occultists / techno-occultists, and Satan. AMEN.

NOTE: You know it is allways interesting that the victims are not only victimized by their attacker, but as in I Gabbys case by they those that are supposed to be helping I Gabby want to wash my mouth out with soap and punish I Gabby by beating I Gabby because I Gabby the victim was raped mentally via a method that is unprovable in court. The victims seem to get abused by their attackers and again by those they seek help from how very interesting. PRAISE ALL the DEEP STATE, ALL THE PSYCHICS / Occultists / Techno-Occultists and SATAN the true GODS that know how to victimze their victims 2 fold, both by them the attackers, and then again by those who are supposed to help the victims. The rape victim is FIRST RAPED, THEN WHEN THE RAPE VICTIM GOES FOR HELP THEY TELL THE RAPE VICTIM THAT IT WAS THEIR FAULT THEY GOT RAPED, how funny.. This is all a result of being MENTALLY abused for 22+ years by those as they call themselfs true PSYCHICS / Occultists / Techno-Occultists / Deep State and those that support them are the TRUE TELEPATHIC MIND WARRIORS that truely serve Satan. ALL PRAISE BE TO THE HOLY ONE SATAN. OH BUT OF COURSE THIS IS ALL I GABBYS FAULT, I Gabby created myself so that I could bring pain and suffering to others including myself, how brilliant!

NOTE: HERE is the CHARGE against IT the SWINE who CALLS ITSELF GOD YHVH/YHWH. If IT who creates everything and supposedly cannot create evil because there is no evil in IT, well then IT SCREWED up big time BECAUSE that is ALL THERE IS BUT EVIL EVERYWHERE WE LOOK, SO YES THE SWINE CAN AND DID CREATE EVIL, BECAUSE THAT is ALL IT THE SWINE HAS ACCOMPLISHED HERE ON EARTH BUT CREATE EVIL! So the true face of this SWINE that calls itself GOD YHVH/YHWH is really 2 faced his first face is that of a good god, his other face is of evil or SATAN. ONE DEITY, BOTH FACES, ONE GOOD, and ONE EVIL. ONE CANT EXIST WITHOUT THE OTHER! To destroy one is to destroy BOTH for they are the same DEITY. JECKLE AND HYDE.

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