Pray to my fiancé

by Joanne (Gonzalez)

Lord have mercy I beg u with all my heart that my fianc change his ways and become a better person the reason I don’t give up on him is not just cuzi love him it’s cuz I also know he can be a change men and stop those dum habbits he have done my lord please lord Jesus I pray with all my heart n my wish for bday is that he can be a change men and can be home soon. Please god that are unborn child that we never had the privilege to meet please watch over him guide him. May if u allow khis brother to watch over him show him to be a men not act like a kid I don’t give up on him because he did not have someone to push him and I’m the one pushing him all the time to be a change men to be a better person to not do dum stuff Lord please I beg u please guide him and his heart cleans his heart brain way being he’s a good men but sometimes makes dum mistakes Jesus Christ please please help him to get back on track and build his self esteem back up that he believe in himself that he can do all that his heart desere amen.

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