Pray to keep my family all togeher…

by Pauline (San Bernardino CA)

I would like to first thank God for having a job.

I got sick and my job suspended me 3day without pay..
I thank God for that money back and to be able to pay all my bills this month and keep my family together. I have a speacial need son and my daughter was taking care of him until she decided to Divorce her husband. I thank God that she is able to care for him and her two girls at night while I am at work. Lord give her strenght to care on. Lord I am asking for a fanancial miricle for A one credit and no stress paying the bills this month.
and going in to the new year. Lord forgive me of my sins and and I repent. and ask for your forgiveness. I pray for protection that the blood of Jesus will protect my family and to give us peace so that we may prosper and be in good health please provide my family with a financial blessing. Your sister in Christ….and let thy will be done Lord Jesus. Amen.

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