Pray to God in a way of conversing with a friend

by Vil (Philippines)

As I grow older with my experience and faith, I learned how to pray to God in a way of conversing with a friend, a Father… everything that I want Him to be that other people could never ever be.

I just feel Him in my heart telling Him the smallest to biggest problems and joys that I have. Without pressuring Him to answer all of my prayers.

I just tell Him..Lord, I lost my..I want to be like… Help me with.. I have lots of things to…I’d like to buy…I’d like to have.. and end my prayer with…Thy will be done.
I know that You will not do anything that will harm me. If things happen, that’s because you have better plans for me. The process might not be that easy, but I know the end will always be great.

If things don’t happen the way I want them to… I tell God, Lord, I don’t like what’s happening… I am insecure with… I am afraid to have…I hate the new dress she got…I envy her job…I hate so and so… everything I feel, I honestly acknowledge that I feel that way.. then, God would slowly change me… assuring me that nothing can ever change His love for me…He cares for me…so why would I ever feel that way .

That’s how I converse with God.. Start with honest acceptance of how you feel.. telling God all your hatred, insecurities, fears, joys, dreams,everything… then, He will make you feel important… that your happiness is His priority.

Even if everything begins with confusion… just trust God’s hand and heart.
As your relationship grows stronger…sometimes you are tempted to feel you’re all alone and that He has left you… Then, I just shout in my mind, Lord, I need you… I am afraid… I am in hatred… I am confused… I hate somebody…Lord, I don’t feel Your presence anymore..where are You? Are You still there? I am about to give up.. I am tired…just let me feel Your embrace at this point in time.. I need it badly…let me feel it.

Then…I feel peace…I tell God let me get out of this…I don’t like the feeling…or when I am happy..I just tell Him..thank You for this opportunity.

It is more of a natural conversation with honesty and acceptance of oneself…when you don’t know what to pray.. you tell Him…Lord, I’m tired, I hate somebody for now…that’s why I don’t feel like praying…everything that is going on in your mind and heart…and you will see…He is answering your unknown prayers…and that is a relationship with God for me.

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