Pray to get my good health back

by Cathy (Australia)

I’ve been suffering with a mystery nerve illness for 9 months going on 10 months now. Its given me the worst case of severe insomnia ever! How it started: It’s not anxiety although at first it was anxiety.

I used to be an anxious person in the past mainly due to work and life experiences. The doctor told me I had low thyroid so she gave me medicine for it, but then I started eating really well and taking vitamins as well as thyroid meds and the anxiety started, I had another blood test which indicated my thyroid was still low so the meds continued at the same dosage.

I went to a naturopath she put me on nature thyroid meds but the anxiety got worse and then I got hooked on tranquilizers. Finally after 3 months my blood tests showed my thyroid was normal, so I had to wean myself off both medications, it gave me panic attacks and drug induced anxiety.

I’m not anxious anymore but my nerves have been severely affected. I have pulsing in the back of my neck, pulsing in my back, my stomach, vibrations, tingling sensations
Sometimes, tinnitus that comes and goes.

But most importantly I have the worst case of insomnia that Ive ever know in my lifetime or anyone’s lifetime.. I just can’t sleep anymore and always have to take something for it. I’ve tried all the natural meds and now the doctor has put me on antidepressants but they take 2 weeks to kick in.

My sleep is very poor and all because of this nerves which still goes undiagnosed. I’ve tried everything seen doctors, naturopaths, tried acupuncture, massage therapy, vitamins etc etc. Had tests done and nothing showed up. I’m currently waiting to see the neurologist but only God knows when I can get in to see him.

I’m just praying and praying that God will heal me one day because life is hard living with this illness, insomnia makes me dead tired during the day at times I need to take naps in order to function.

Please God cure my illness 100% and let me enjoy and live my life like a normal person can. I don’t ask for a lot just a simple request please!

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