Pray to deliver my wife and my family from evil forces.

by Craig (UAE)

Dear Jesus I come to you on my knees to pray for the deliverance of my wife and family from the evil forces, who are trying to destroy our marriage and family. After a bit of a misunderstand and separation we have come back together, things have been ok ..but since after I left Chennai (India) as I got a job in UAE, things have changed with my wife, she is gone back to her behaver she had during our problems 4 years back. She keeps acting rude towards me fights with me daily for the past monthsI want to bring her and my son with me to live with in UAE, but each time I do so, some evil force is stopping it, I think her mother and father are doing something to stop her coming to live me with me in UAE, they are just bring our marriage and our family.I pray that you enter my wifes body and soul and clean her of all the evil stuff done on her and make her understand the love I have for her, and the want to come to stay with me as a family. Please enter into our family life and bless my family. In the name of Jesus and the Holy Spirit I ask you to touch my wife now at this very moment and change her and remove all the evil things done on her.. draw her towards your love and toward me.Please lord unite my family with me, make it happen soon Change her fullyI pray for this in the precious blood of Jesus Christ. Amen.

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