Pray to bring us back together

by Cmb (North Carolina)

Please pray for my husband and I. We have struggled for years and I came to him last weekend asking to work on our marriage and he said he wasn’t sure he could. He feels we been so indifferent for too long. He has agreed to Christian counseling and hasn’t left, but has said he wants to explore all “options” (to me there aren’t any options but working hard to make it work) but I guess he feels different. I asked him straight up did he still love me. He said he still has love for me but doesn’t love me like he use to. Our biggest issue is lack of intimacy, affection, and open communication. He has turned a cold shoulder to me. I have been rejected time and time again. He is an amazing father and great man. He is smart, funny, and loves God. I don’t want anyone thinking badly of him. I have been struggle with this aloneness for years and I don’t want to lose our marriage I want to get better together! He has slowly started talking to me about this as the week past but we need counseling ASAP! Please pray for us to come back together, to have compassion, love and enough grace to try again! (and keep trying) and also pray for strength for me in this lonely time. I am

Trying to hold myself together for our kids, my job as a nurse, and everyone else. I am handing this over to God and asking for guidance, wisdom, and patience!

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