Pray that we obtain this home with the lack of stress so that we can grow in faith and love

by Jillian (Bardstown, KY)

Please help us, myself, my boyfriend, and our 19 month old daughter obtain this home and that the transition goes smoothly without stress, without being overwhelmed, without bickering and fighting. Please pray that we can afford all the costs that go with having this home.

I pray that I find work and we have the help we need in making this house that we pray for, OUR home. May we find help with painting and fixing this house up so that we are comfortable. Please pray that we get along and see each other with the eyes of love and not resentfulness. We are a team and we love each other.

Pray that this home is safe from all evil. Pray that this is a safe home where my daughter can freely play in the yard without harm. Pray that we hear from the owner of this home very soon so we can calm our anxiety and begin moving. We praise you. We believe in you. We love you. Thank you and God Bless

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