Pray that they come get their blood money and leave me alone permanently.

by Gabby C. ()

The voice that calls itself the VIRGIN MARY that has been raping my mind for 22years now said moments ago after I put prayer requests on different websites, that If I Gabby give It 1000 dollars in cash, it will leave I Gabby alone for GOOD. So I told it DONE, you show up this coming monday in true FLESH AND BONE when I Gabby am alone and you admitt that you are the satanist that has been attacking I Gabby and that you are here for your 1000 dollars and I will give you the 1000 dollars. So I called the mexican that wanted my old cadillac that is a non working rustbucket that he offered me 900$ for that was given to I Gabby in non-working order, the motor is seized, no battery, and rusted all over, its a 1975 I think, and he will be here to pick it up on sunday. I will take the balance of 100$ from the money that I am supposed to be using for FOOD and MEDICATION from my full mental disability SSI, 100$ of it to pay the rest. If this will get rid of that TERRRORIST for GOOD, at least it will be over, and I will be healed and free of this BURDEN I GABBY NEVER WANTED, at least of my own true free will, if there even is true free will, since as this thing has raped and TERRORISED my mind, by the things it has forced I Gabby to say, I didnt have true free will. The Virgin Mary thing said the above after I put the Last prayer request on the Jimmy Swaggart website.

Pray in tounges that they do come in person and take the money then leave I Gabby alone for GOOD.

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