Pray that sales in my online business increase, and good success.

by Joseph (Englewood, NJ)

My wife and I started an online retail business in hopes of turning our desperate financial situation around. It turned out that after four months we have not profited any from our investment to compensate for our investment. Our savings are depleted and we are facing being evicted from our apartment. I, recently (last month, July) had a car accident due to a cardiac episode.

I passed out at the wheel. Our SUV, our only means of transportation was totaled. We had to use the insurance money to pay back rent, we barely have food to survive, and both are in need of medical care but cannot afford medical insurance. My dear wife is in desperate need of dental care. She is unable to chew any foods, only if overly overcooked or liquified. I have already had open heart surgery (2006) for a quadruple by-pass and presently having recurring coronary and hypertension problems.

I ask for prayers for us, that God open the windows of Heaven and bless both my wife and I with a flood of financial blessings so that we may be able to pay our overdue bills, overdue utilities, our rent,and medical needs, and a good pre-owned vehicle to continue with our business. In the name of Christ Jesus…Please, please,please Pray for Us. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, and may God’s Blessings be upon all of you who will pray for my wife and I. This is a desperate plea. Amen and Amen.

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