Pray that my wife will not go through with the divorce

by Adriaan (Cape Town, South Africa)

Father God I pray that You will save and heal my marriage.I pray that You will give me the wisdom to deal with the situatiion. Please provide me with the means to take care of my family as the head of the home. I ask that you will convince my wife not to go through with the divorce set for 7 September. I stand against outside influence and cut off all negative input from friends and my step daughter.

I pray for a miraculous intervantion. Let the blood of Jesus protect my marraige and seal it off from every demon spirit and curse that is set to distroy it. God let the love that I have for her also flow into her heart. Let me surrender all to You and leave it to You to work in her heart and mind. I thank You for making Your Word come true in our lives. I pray this in the name of Jesus. Amen

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