Pray that My male friend must stop disturbing me and my friends

by Anonymous (Oman)

My best male friend has cheated me. And now he is messaging my friends and telling out the secret once I shared with him about my friends. He had promised that he will not break our secrets but now he is becoming indifferent and his this behaviour is causing me pain and anxiety.Lord , help me I am in a bad situation , i have sinned and I ask for forgiveness , My sins are plenty . Give me peace of mind , Please hold my family and me tight in your arms during these tough days. I have greatly sinned.

I may be pardoned by God but I am not able to pardon myself..I am a sinner,and i am feeling so guilty.I have sleepless nights. Please pray that I and my friends get piece of mind and also that this man should no more trouble us.Lord pray that he becomes a good man and also that he should completely forget me and my friends and be out of our life. Thankyou Lord.
Your child in Catholic.