Pray that I may sleep tonight

by Matt (Australia)

Please, glorious and merciful God, I ask that you remove the fear from my mind. You are always with me Lord, you have always protected and comforted me, and I ask that you may be with me and help me through this time.

This fear exists only in my mind, and you are above this Lord, you command the oceans Lord, and I pray that you can heal me now.

I know I have nothing to fear, as you are always with me. So I pray that you grant me peace and faith. Help me to follow your example Lord, and help me to live the life you intended me to. Please, Lord God, I pray that you heal my fear and allow me to sleep.

I pray I never doubt you Lord, that I have faith in you, that I realize I have nothing to fear, and I can be happy in my life.
Thankyou God, please hear my prayer.
I make this prayer through Christ our Lord, Amen.

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    Dear Matt, in The Name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, I pray that, against all fear, against all distractions, against all turmoil, against all worries, and against all ailments of the body, soul or spirit, you shall be recreated and made new, to have a peaceful sleep at all times that your body needs sleep. Amen.
    Sleeplessness, at times, during the day or night, is a divine invitation to meditation and quiet prayer, during which sleep comes softly…getting you closer to God than ever.

    Have a peaceful sleep!


  2. God bless you

    Fear is in the ,ind, but distracting with joy and peace may leave something undo e which needs to be done. Perhaps there are reasons you were afraid once, and you need to access it and release it emotionally by reliving it in a safe situation? Or perhaps there is something you need to do, some current stress, which may be added to, by some past stress! If these are the case, changing your mind in the simple is not the whole answer, for deeper changes of the mind are what Gid would want ti bring you. You could seek a caring friend or lover or therapist to hold you and let you express your need, so you could really free your mind more deeply through God’s gift of healing through love. God does not always do it alone, so to speak. Bless you.

  3. Pray for healing of ulcer

    Pls brethen help me pray to the lord to heal me of this long standing sickness of ulcer. Jesus u are a merciful God evry morning you renew your mercy for your children grant me peace from this pain so l shall be free and dedicate my life to you brethen pls help me to pray fervently for Gods hand on my life

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