Pray that I get help, I stay out of prison and I get my children back

by Hb (Houston, TX)

St Jude – you are the patron saint of truly lost causes. Mine is such a heinous and horrible sin that I must pray to you. I have no criminal record, I’m just a single mother. I left my kids at home alone in order to fulfill sins of the flesh. I got arrested for child endangerment and I’m facing prison time.

My kids got put into foster care. St. Jude – I pray that you help me get the help I need in my mind for my insecurities and need to feel loved. Please protect my children from harm and from me if I am not better. I love my children and made a bad mistake and I have lots of regrets.

I confessed through reconciliation and was forgiven but I still cannot forgive myself. I want to stay out of jail so that I can continue to work since I am the only breadwinner for my children. I realize this is a heinous crime and I have nowhere to turn. Please help my attorney use every means at his disposal to help my case.

Please keep my children safe and help my family get them from foster care. Please help me get the help that I need to raise me out of my depression. I repent and humbly ask for your intercession. Amen!

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