Pray that I am accepted to Law school

by P.M (Canada)

Lord God, I ask in the name of Jesus Christ our saviour that I may be accepted into TRU Law this week. I ask that I may be financially secure and have an abundance of money, joy, love, kindness, blessings, friendship and family.

I pray that I will be successful in every endeavour in your name, and that I will become a leader of people who changes the world for the better through your power.

Lord I ask that you allow me to be married and to have a beautiful happy family, and that we may live in your Graces and sharing in your bounty until we grow old. I pray for health and peace. I pray that you bless my family, my loved ones, and everyone in the world with these gifts as well.

I pray that you help me to overcome my enemies, keep me safe from evil spirits, and fight my battles for me. Bless me lord, grant me your wisdom, strength, intelligence, laughter, and eternal joy. Blessed Virgin Mary pray for me, all the angels and st’s please pray for me. Amen