Pray that he see the truth before it’s to late

by Vicki (California)

Please help pray for the man I love to see the truth to know that I have only ever been honest with him. His anger blinds him and has ruined us once, he believes I looked thru his phone to see if he was texting other girls, I was not. But I did see he was. He freaked out ran away and now this is my fault.

We all have friends, we all don’t text them from the bed of the one we love. That was my only point now he refuses to listen to me or believe my words. I trust him completely but he is acting guilty so now do I trust him? Not the issue. My daughters dad died years ago, this man took on that role, she loves him please don’t let him runaway from her and I out of anger. Bring him back as Sunday is her birthday he promised to be there.

She acts strong like it’s ok but it’s not. Please help me pray he let go of the anger feel only the love he has for us, that he sees the truth and feels how hurtful he has been. I know he loves me, loves us, he just needs help seeing, feeling past his anger .

Lord please bring him back to me before this weekend passes and it’s to late to take back the disappointment. Please let him wake with a clear mind and a heart full of love. Lord please I pray that he give us a chance, Amen

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