Pray St. Jude I will become well off

by Dianne ()

In Jesus Name & St. Jude I come to you on bended knee & I ask you now to give me a miracle of an abundance of money to help those I love & myself and to be more generous to those in need. I am stuggling now & I am on a disability. I have no other income & I cannot work due to epilepsy. I feel poor financially & it hurts me to see my Mom always giving to my daughter & son-in-law & grandkids & her kids when she is poor & I wish I could give her more to help her to pay off her debts & for me to pay off my debts. I would love to help me daughter & son-in-law to help them as they work & try hard. I thank you Dear St. Jude & I ask you and the Angels to help. Amen

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