Pray reconciliation with my wife and healing & restoration of the marriage from infedelity

by DJ (Ga.)

Please pray for god to fix this mess and bring my wife and step kids back home… wife has brought infidelity into our marriage with another person’s spouse she has since moved in with this individual who claims to be a man of god …

I miss her dearly she was my heart and i admired her for the person she was and the couple we had became i pray that god touches and heals this and opens her eyes to what her new boyfriend is and the disaster she’s headed for….she has 2 children this is not a situation they should be in and has to be confusing at best please pray that god keeps his hand on them and heal the wounds that have been placed on them ….

I also pray for the spouse and children of the man my wife chose to commit adultery with their marriage was close to 30 yrs. i can only imagine what this lady and her children are feeling and going thru

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