Pray my fiance’s brother & sister-in-law will start accepting me & my Mom into their family

by Dianne ()

In Jesus Name Pray my fiancé and I have a wonderful marriage and he falls inlove with me more deeply every day and I with him. Pray we will find a house with a mother-in-law suite for my sweet Mom and his brother and sister-in-law will quit criticizing or putting my Mom down. My fiancé has been telling stories on my Mom to them, and they believe him, and also they are upset because my 85 yr. old mom asked for a glass of water while I was up and they think she should had gotten up and got for herself. My fiancé’s sister-in-law would not like her husband to criticize his mom, but he has behind her back. Pray they wont interfer in my marriage and be friends. Pray my fiancé will clear it up with them about my Mom and he really doesn’t feel like he is married to the both of us. He gets jealous, and I need Prayers he will back down and start showing to others and himself he loves me and my family has been good to him, and yes, my Mom too. He misses his own Mom, so he gets bitter of mine still being here. Pray it all will work out. Amen I am seeking hope I need my fiancé and his family to be kinder and more willing to accept me and my family, especially me and my Mom like we and my family do my fiancé. I am scared they are going to try to put some ideas in Gary s head. Pray they get along, but he stands up for my honor and my moms. Thank you and Pray our marriage will work. Amen

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