Pray my ex husband will come back to me and let us raise our kids together

by Robin (Usa)

Dear heavenly father I pray u reunite my family. I no I’m a sinner and I probably don’t deserve a miracle. I’ve done more wrong than right. I pray for forgiveness and your mercy. Please bring my ex husband back. We were together 13 yrs and share 3 kids.

He is now in another state with a woman and her kids and she’s changed him as a person and father. I love him and need him. You’ve shown me my mistakes and where I went wrong. I beg for another chance to be with him and raise our kids. I pray our love gets stronger and we will be one again.

Please work with pg ‘s heart mind and soul. Please destroy the relationship he has with k. I ask for a miracle nothing is impossible with u god. I hope people will read this and pray for me. I hurt deeply. Be with my kids and always protect them. Amen

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