Pray my daughter comes home very soon

by Brenda (Canada)

Please pray my daughter who left to live with her 21 yr old boyfriend and his mom . Who she hardly knows comes home very soon. Please pray that his hold on her is loosened by the Lord. So she realizes her family love her much more and forever .

I am dying inside my heart is broken . I have not always handled situations well and even called her terrible names for which I am sorry for and ask forgiveness please I beg all of you out there reading this to bring her home thru the power of prayer and power of good. I don’t know how much longer I can be without her. I afraid the longer she stays away the greater chance of her ruining her life

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  1. Hope your daughter comes home soon..Pls be calm & be strong

    May he hear you & grant you peace & Answer to your problems..Pray for me too gobbless. & Thank you

  2. Pray she comes home to mom strong.

    May he hear you & grant you peace & Answer to your problems..Pray for me too gobbless. & Thank you

  3. I am sorry for your pain

    I am praying for your daughter to return home. I understand how much you love your daughter. There is nothing stronger than the bond between a mother and her child. I can imagine your agony and heartache. I understand because I have concerns for my daughter as well, for, I am not sure if she is dating the right man either. I am in constant prayer that God will open her eyes and help her to be wise. I know that all we want for our children is to have safe and happy futures, but they do not want to listen to us. May God help your daughter to see that you love her so much and you just want what is best for her and please protect her from harm. Please Dear Father in Heaven, put the desire in this young girl’s heart to return home and let this mother and daughter’s relationship be healed. In Jesus’s name Amen.

  4. I pray she goes home to her family

    Heavenly Father I pray that this young lady is strengthened by your wisdom and goodnes and that through your guidance may she find her way home. In your name I pray for this young lady and all the young women in the world who loose have lost their way. May your love and forgiveness be felt by her. In your name I pray Lord.

  5. Thank you

    Thank you all for praying I will pray for all of you also please keep praying it is a month now I have lost 17 lbs I hurt so much I miss her she is my life please pray she comes home really soon A

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