Pray I will be delivered from neighbors drug & noise

by Anonymous ()

My neighbors are putting me through so much and making me so sick for so long. They make noise and they bring toxicity into my home most everyday day.

I believe they’re taking advantage doing it all the more because of the covid-19 pandemic.. They know that the government is so busy taking care of this pandemic other things and the law is not always available as much because they’re having to take care of more things that are happening and because they’ve gone through being persecuted.

I can’t move to another place right now because I don’t have the finances and because we’re on lockdown due to the covid-19 pandemic. However, I have such a nice home, it’s what I can afford and I like where I live so it’s so sad that I have to move from here.

Please pray that I’m able to forgive my neighbors, to continue to pray for their Deliverance and for them to be blessed. I also pray for God to remove them and to make my apartment complex clean so we don’t have to deal with these kind of people anymore. I Pray that my pain and anger does not make me pray against them because I’m also praying that God punish them.

The cigarette smoking, the drugs they are smoking and cooking are making me incredibly ill. I have suffered mentally emotionally and physically and it has interfered with my life.

This is my third apartment having to deal with this. No it doesn’t follow me it’s just that drugs are an epidemic as well as people who live their lives partying and corruptly and don’t know to the Lord Jesus Christ

There is nothing that has ever been done about this by anyone. Pray that they start making changes and that they’re able to finally have control that people can’t smoke in the units or do drugs in them anymore.

I have to wear masks at home due to this issue and also I have to wear them in public to protect myself from getting the coronavirus. Because I have gotten sick so many times on and off in my home from the toxicity coming in I can be susceptible to the COVID 19.

There is so much detail that I can share with you but it would be too much all I ask you is just for you to please pray for me.

I’m suffering so much everyday day and night.

I pray that God make changes here or help me to get a better place that is safe from people like this.

It’s unfortunate that the world is like animals. Just like raccoons they can be dangerous and cause havoc to your place. It is sad that many people can ruin it for other people.

That is why I believe that the Lord is going return and he is going to judge everyone that has caused any wrongdoing to others. The world is full of them and that is why the Lord’s plan to rid the world of all evil and bring his people to his New Jerusalem.

Thank you so much for reading my letter and I pray that you are blessed as well and that all your prayers are answered

God bless you always

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