Pray God will bring a friend who will encourage you in the time

by David (Australia)

1.Accept that you Have been put on side line to learn trust patience and you will back on the game soon and you have not been forgoten

2.pray God will bring a friend who will encourage you in the time you are on the sideline and it may not be the coach or a leader it may be a brother who has been put on the sideline to encourage you can be the best player on the field .God want to relax and trust him .The brother on the side line with os encourage hang in there as your time will come soon .Do not walk off the sideline and not walk the Game .just wait enjoy watch the Game watch others mistakes and there Goals be one .Take notes of the Game .you will be on field soon than you think .you can go on field angry or frustrated .or injured. First want to Heal restore you as man or woman.
3.Indentity worth value .you have given a indenitity worth and value from God and not of men . So Have believe What says About you .you are loved Made in his image and still training you and build you up .God has a timing not of own timing God knows what is doing

4.Trust accept the truth you do have the abilities but unique not like others players .trust Is the hardest to do .know that all things work out for good .hang in there help will come .sit enjoy look at the positive you are at Game of life .your turn will come .do not continue look at negative but look at the postive God knows about the negative .God send a friend encourage enjoy watching the Game rest .Then the will listen the voice of God and others to put in play the Game .God has to speak to them not you .you are chosen be team player .like David in the bible chosen but God had prepare David for the Battle then the leaders coach came to David .Because David wait on the lord his God to answers his prayers .David never chase men but David chose to sit with his father God .David knew his God because he spend time with his God because he applied 4things above .
David was destination was to be a leader but first he was no body sit on sideline .the best place love the game .then David callled the field because it was God perfect time.