pray for wisdom, truth, & strength

by Jane ()

Please pray for me as I’ve been asked to revive our church services here on Sundays & also to lead our Bible Study on Wednesdays. Please pray for wisdom to teach folks who come form all walks of life & who have all sorts of health issues. Pray also that I’m not a disguised false teacher. Although in making that statement I don’t think I am. Give me peace of mind that this is God’s direction for me. I was asked a few weeks ago to do this by our new Activities Director. I have kind of felt far away from God because of my own health issues(which is why I’m here @ the HealthCare Resort of Kansas City, Ks on the skilled nursing side. I’ve been here all total about a year & 4 months. When I taught this b/4, not many folks would come. Those that did, I don’t know what they got out of it. Some left after they got there…some were those who left at anything after they got there. I’m going to ask whoever shows up next moth at both of these things what they want out of a spiritual program. At this point we’re just trying to get folks out of their rooms after quarantine. We all got stuck in our rooms it seems like forever & when you get use to that mode, you get in a routine. Eat, sleep, bathe, take meds, watch TV. With me I got use to entertaining myself because I was a wallflower growing up. Now I have my keyboard which I sometimes practice 4 hrs daily, sometimes less. Time gets away from me when I’m in my music. I also listen to my Southern Gospel music on Pandora. I color, I’m writing a book on my experience in a nursing home. I do those word search books, I read, I read a lot of scripture stuff on line. I’ve been lax on reading my bible & I don’t memorize stuff very well, either. I do pray when God brings someone to mind, or I’m reading my Facebook page and someone requests prayer. I also journal. I’ve not done one for awhile. It seems like October & the holidays came & I got sick w/my IBS & sciatica(which I’m still battling). And I’ve been sleeping a lot due to my sleep apnea they say. I also have narcolepsy. So I ask you to pray protection for me as I pursue these things starting next month. Ask that folks that do come will be enriched by whatever I present & that all things said would be from God & not me. Oh, & did I mention that I’m also starting a quarterly newsletter next month? I decided to go quarterly because of my ailments. If I were sick for any length of time then no one would have to take over for me & do it, nor would we have to miss an issue. Anyway, thanks for reading all of this. May you all have a safe & Blessed 2021!

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