pray for true love

dear God, 2 months ago, you brought to my life a loving, caring, funny, sensitive man, who made me feel how wonderful it is to be alive. He made me forget past hurts. Being with him felt so easy and so natural. He was happy to make me happy. But a few weeks ago, he started becoming distant, detached and unaffected.

I don’t know what brought about the change. I try my best not to nag or ask for anything or ask why, for fear of pushing him away. I just try to make myself busy, and be patient. I just wait for him to initiate the connection. But I feel sad and neglected and his initiating becomes less and less. I pray that he will realize that this is a relationship worth saving. I pray that things will go back to how sweet they were before.

If this relationship is for the highest good of all, them please save it. If this is not in alignment with Your will, then please help me accept and realize this now. Thank you for all your blessings. I am forever grateful. Amen

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