Pray for total Justice in Court

by Sharon (Galesburg)

O Lord, my daughter was suffering in an abusive marriage, her and her 2 childern need prayers and guidance as she has filed for divorce

and custody and he is fighting her for control.

I’m down on my knees asking you for help; My Lord, I cry out to you today, please help my daughter to hear you, she wants to listen to your voice.
Please heal her brokenness. and help her and the children be able to successfully leave this abusive relationship and heal and grow.

As the Scriptures say, God will judge the righteous and the wicked, for there is a time for every matter and for every work.

It is my request that your judgment be manifested in court, though men are fallible, through You justice can be had. I do pray my daughter
will win her child custody case and her two children will remain in her loving home. I pray that she is granted full legal and physical custody. I
pray that the children’s father who is an emotionally abusive man, leaves them alone and heals and seeks help for his abusive nature and
drinking so he can enjoy reasonable visitation with the children

Thank you Lord Jesus, please hear my prayer. AMEN