pray for those who hurt me

by Daphnee Bastien (Boston Ma)

Pray. for gail st jude she dont get alone with me. she makes me feel worthless hopeless unhappy feel stupid feel weird feel direspected thats the way i feel when she talk me like she give me no respect at all i really dont know what to do or to say anymore n also pray.

for louise shes the same way as gail i think is because im living in a shelther they staff overther dont give people the respect that we desserve also pray. for jessica that put me in trouble last friday she told kim the director that i said i was going to kill her her now they moving me to another shelther i dont know how far is it pray for her pray. for the girls in the shelther none of them dont like me at at all they keep accusing me for no reason also.

pray. for that asian girl in the shelther shes accused me of doing voodoo on her pray for my enemies give them a happy. life n pray for my family some of them is having a hard time pray for carlin riguad thats in jail claiming im the only one he wants to be with pray for our relationship also pray for my father that i never heard from him he hurt me alot specially when. i was pregnant he treats me do badly i thought i was gonna give birth early n pray for edwidge bastien him n i dont get alone at all he used me he kick me out in his house when i was homeless he hurt me so bad pray for me thats having a hard times everysingle day here in the shelther it seems like people wont leave me alone i dont have peace n quiet with them.

i cant seems to live the life i want t o live the quiet life. i dont have a peace of mine at all im always worried doing some deep thinking but the wrong ones i dont know why i feel like people dont care about people anymore they doing people wrong for no reason pray. for me to get the housing im in pain im so sad im living with fear i dont know whypray for my baby i dont get him sometimes hes acting weird heal him protect him father god i dont know what to do anymore i feel like im going nuts please pray for me pray for my problems my tribulation my weakness n also pray for me to control. my temper i get mad fast i dont know when. i flip out pray for stranger that around me people thats in my life people thats coming in my life people that.

i will meet pray for me im so miserrable please heal my body fathergod i have a sickness for so long i dont know what to do with mt body anymore. im always alone depressed always with tears im so stress out im loosing my hair. i feel pain everyday. thank u jess