Pray for the Lord to heal my barrenness

by Jay (Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea)

Dear Jesus,

Lord Jesus, I love you. I am pouring out my heart to you for you to bless me with a child. Lord, just one child would make me happy, I am crying Lord for that blessing.

Forgive me, if my past and current sins have been the hindrance to my blessing to conceive. I have been trying to have children for the past 5 years but could not conceive.

Lord, I don’t know what is wrong with me, please Lord, don’t leave me, come into my heart and heal whatever that is wrong with me. You know my desires, I don’t want to die a barren woman.

Let me fulfil my purpose on earth as a woman, wife and mother.

Heavenly, Father, please listen to my prayer and bless me with a heavenly gift… a child..

Love you Lord, You are my only way and only resort,

Thank you Lord

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