Pray for the deliverance of my Son George from cocaine addiction

Pray for the deliverance of my Son George from cocaine addiction. He is 34 yrs. old and been on drugs for four years now. He owned up and we took him to rehab. He says he struggles with his relationship with god. He knows God is love but he doesn’t feel that connection. So please pray that he experience God in a more personal way while in rehab. That he may find himself and believe in himself. My Son played with his studies and failed ta the University. His 3 siblings are doing well with two University degrees each. He got a job as a salesman and felt trapped because his siblings are doing well and travelling abroad every now and again. He felt he is a failure Instead of doing something about his life – he opted for drugs. he always look for easier way out of life and that’s why he was not serious with life. Pray for totally deliverance and that god arrest his spirit and also fill him with the Holy Sprit. He is saved but he struggles n his walk with god. I want you to pray that he find direction while he is in rehab. Please keep our names confidential. Pray for us as a family we are now quarrelling on how to del with the problem. We though if he is in rehab we will be at peace but we are fighting all the time. Today my youngest daughter didn’t go to work because of thinking about her brother’s issue. We are all affected. thank you in advance and God bless you all for standing in the gap for us.

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