Pray for success at work for Someone Special

by Emily (Plymouth, MN)

Dear God, I pray that you continue to guide Ben in his job at Riverplace. I ask that you work through his boss, coworkers, and clients and help him succeed. Continue to relieve all stress and anxiety that he’s felt lately. Help him enjoy his job and not get too anxious over petty things.

I thank you Lord for the blessing of this job, and I have faith that you will guide him daily and bring him lots of success. Bless him with opportunities and abundance. I know Lord that you are the source of all wealth and abundance in this world and that you will open lots of doors for him.

Also, I am praying for a small miracle for myself. I pray that a Selling Supervisor position opens for me soon. This would be a financial blessing and will help Ben and I get to a new chapter in our marriage. Also, I am ready to advance in my career. I need a miracle so that this can happen very soon. I trust and have faith in you that bless me with this opportunity. I know that this would bless our store and company. Help me be a strong leader everyday, and help me reach my goals.
In Jesus Name I pray, Amen