pray for strength and protection for my family

by Bri-Anne (Worcester, South-Africa)

Dear God…this is me, I know we are not suppose to come when we are in need. But God you know my heart, you know my husbands heart God, his a loving husband and dad to my 3 babies and me and I know he loves us so much but he was in pain and I fee it and I know you knew his pain God. I don’t know what’s on our path tomorrow God but I do know you gave us choices, many times.. Although my heart is aching God I know you won’t put something on our path that we cannot handle. Be with my husband dear God make him strong and find peace and protect him God cause in the end he was just a person who didn’t know what path to take. God give me strenght for what every happens to take care of my babies and being there for them. And God my babies please help them be with them and protect him. God You know our hearts you placed my husband and me together for a reason and I pray to place your hand over us to keep us together and keep satan away from my family. And God I still know with you everything is possible. Amen

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