Pray for step-son’s future and for him to move out soon.

by Tina (Texas)

Dear Heavenly Father,

My step-son is over 27 years-old and I am more than ready for him to move out of our home and shed, gas, electricity, groceries, water, cable, internet, etc… Yes, we have renovated our shed into his private headquarters comlete with an electrical outlet to cater to his every need. I pray, God, for my step-son to move out asap because my husband and I have six young children that we are also raising. Another big problem is my step-son continues to do on-going drug testing because he was also imprisoned for a sad and bad previous lifestyle. He also stole from me and our family many times. I have a very hard time trusting him and he is not a friendly person unfortunately. Lord, please find Your way to a different path for my step-son. We need a break from CM.

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